Two Ways Democracy Could Die

One of the reasons – the main reason – why I am still glad Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, despite the neverending shit show that is President Donald Trump, is that if she had won, it might  have been a fatal blow to democracy.  She rigged the primary process, which is about as undemocratic as you can get.  Not just cheated a little bit, all politicians do that.  I  mean rigged, as in there was a predetermined outcome and she was determined that that be the outcome, no matter what the will of the people.  And the will of the people was against her, so that by the time of the Arizona primary, the cheating had become blatant, and infuriating.
So, if she’d been elected, it  would have been a confirmation that rigging works, that you can totally thwart the public’s desire and get away with it.
Of course, democracy ins’t out of the woods yet.  America made its choice, and they chose a retarded, narcissistic individual.  I’m not blaming the American public – there was no real choice.  I’m just saying democracy’s not out of the woods yet.  He makes a mockery  of the office, and the press acts as if he’s a normal human being.  He admits to lying to the Canadian Prime Minister and we’re so used to it everybody just shrugs.  So, democracy could  just die, buried under the fat man’s weight.
Or, one other possibility occurred to me today.  It was a quote from a retired general, Barry McCaffrey, who said that Trump  is a threat to America’s national security.

Now, McCaffrey is retired and well within his rights to express an opinion.  Also, I don’t think he was suggesting the option I’m about to mention, and I’m not suggesting it, either.  I’m just saying that if there was, at this point in history, a military coup, a lot of Americans would support it.  A lot of  liberal Americans.  It would, though, be the death of democracy.

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