Down the Old Memory Hole

Winston Smith worked  at the  Ministry  of Truth, so it was  his  job to make old  newspaper articles, which contradicted the governments current position, disappear.  I don’t think we are quite, literally, to that point  yet  but today I  felt we are close.  I’m probably just  being paranoid, but here’s what happened.

Some Hillary acolyte infested my page today with a post saying “This is your daily reminder…” and a graphic about Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win.  Now, these people who keep bringing that up remind me very much of the people who, during the primaries, kept demanding that we PLEDGE to vote for Hillary Clinton if she got the nomination.  The ‘correct the record’ trolls.  The theory seems to have been that sheer persistence would wear us down and we’d eventually agree with them.  As we saw the morning after election day, it was a false assumption.  So, I try to counter them every time.
So, I went to Google, and I was looking for a particular graphic.  One from after the New Hampshire primary, showing Bernie winning with over 60% per cent of the popular vote, and right next to it the delegate count, which showed a tie.  I tied in New Hampshire primary and got mostly stuff from 2012.  So I typed  in New Hampshire primary 2016.  It was amazing how many more memes there were about the Republican primary than the Democratic one (which actually did  reflect the news coverage of the time).  So I typed in New Hampshire + Democratic + primary + 2016.  It didn’t help.  I still got things from other states (I considered using one from the Wyoming primary which said almost the same thing, but by this time I was getting irritated.   I know that graphic exists but, by now I was feeling a lot like Winston Smith.  I knew the item had existed, but I was scrolling through pages and pages of pictures and not finding it.

And then I lost track of the post entirely, although I’d opened Google  in a different tab. I never saw it again, and I never found the  graphic.
Maybe I’m paranoid, and this was all  due to my general incompetence with computers.  And, just maybe, I’m not.

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