Driverless Car of Death

O.K., here’s the situation, don’t really want to write about the poetry reading, it went O.K., there were some interesting moments but I thought my work was the best and my work  wasn’t really that good, but I heard a few interesting things, saw a lot of people, had a couple of interesting conversations, and smoked a couple joints.
Don’t really want to write about the news of the day, because it has become repetitive.
I guess I’ll write about the Uber accident in Arizona.  It’s sad that a self-driving car killed somebody, and of course I’ll bet her  family and friends are upset about it.  We still don’t know much about the accident, although there was apparently a person  in the car, so he’ll know more, but it did strike me odd that it was doing 40 in a 35 zone.  You’d think, since they’re programmed, they’d be programmed to stay under the speed limit.  I’m sure the programmers figured “Well, everybody in Arizona drives 5 or 10 miles over the limit and you have to stay with traffic, you know,” because that’s the kind of stupid shit people say, totally ignoring the inflation of acceptable speed factor.  I’m sure it was not their actual intent to kill somebody.  But, a person is dead, so it’s kind of manslaughter, and they broke the law (the speed limit) with premeditation.   Is there such a charge as premeditated involuntary manslaughter?
On  the other hand, I’m hoping that driverless  technology will  be cleared, like maybe the woman just drunkenly walked right in front of it or something, but there I’m letting my desire for driverless cars override common decency.

By all means, let there be a thorough investigation.  Uber is cooperating with that (like they’ve got a choice) and the National Transportation Safety Board is opening an investigation.

Which is something they’d never do with a human driver.  So, driverless car accident investigations will be like air traffic investigations.  To a conclusion, which is followed by remedial changes.  Driverless cars, therefore, will get better and better at avoiding accidents, and human drivers will continue to be human drivers.  This is a bump on the road, but they will prevail.


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