No, You Won’t

I see many people  on Facebook say they are going to leave Facebook because of this whole Cambridge Analytica foofaraw.  I see many  more saying we all should leave.  And I even see some saying Facebook is doomed, that it will never survive this shocking incident, and pointing out that Mark Zuckerberg has lost about $8 billion in the last two days.
Let me reply to these comments in reverse order.  Zuckerberg has somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred billion dollars, which is a pretty nice neighborhood, indeed.  Sure, it will hurt him, nobody wants to lose 8 billion dollars, but 8 out of a hundred?  If you go out with a hundred bucks in your pocket and suddenly you notice you’ve only got 92, you might spend a moment trying to recall where it went, but you aren’t going to ruin your evening over it.  Even more so if you’re talking about billions.  There is no restaurant on Earth  that a person  with only 92 billion dollars can’t eat at, no house  they can’t buy.  Losing that 8 billion doesn’t  affect  his  day to day existence one bit.
As far as Facebook being  doomed, I’ve heard that before.  It’s as constant as people saying “Saturday Night Live just isn’t funny  any more.”  I’ve even signed up  for a couple of the  other sites. It’s never quite clicked.

Facebook hasn’t gone the way of MySpace yet, so I’m not expecting it to happen in the next couple of weeks, either.

Then, there are those people who say we should ALL leave Facebook.  O.K.  I’m  actually down with that, as soon as I see a viable alternative.  But, as I said above, I’ve tried a couple of others and nothing’s been  an improvement yet.
And, back to the people who say “I’m going to leave.”  No, you’re not, not any more than Joe Biden literally thinks he would have kicked Donald Trump’s ass if they were in High School together.  I’m not saying it’s an unworthy sentiment, but seriously…how many people’s asses did you kick when you were in High School, Joe?  It’s just using threat words, with nothing behind them.  There’s one person I know on Facebook who threatens to quit almost every day, but I know she won’t, because she’s still there.
If she ever does quit, I won’t know.  There’s the irony.

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