It hasn’t been a terribly productive beginning to the weekend.  Did post one very short poem which hasn’t got much response and just watched a film (Helena chose it) with Kate Winslett and Idris Elba stranded in the snow, after their pilot  had a stroke or heart attack or something and died.  They were on a private plane because the commercial airlines had all  canceled due to weather.  You  knew right there that this was two stupid people in for trouble.  When the airlines say it ain’t safe to fly, it ain’t safe to fly.  I was surprised that I liked  it, but I did.  It  was predictable, but had great scenery, good acting, and what more do you want?
Other than that, getting high and wasting time arguing on  Facebook.  Guns on a couple of threads, and on another (a complaint about the horrible, evil crime of mansplaining) I expressed a viewpoint that was not at all  in keeping with the consensus of the thread.  O.K., so I’m a man, and I have opinions.  If that’s what mansplaining is, I suppose I’m guilty of it.

You  know what?  I’ve got nothing tonight.  Tomorrow’s another day.


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