Four Films

I often moan about the lack of anything good on TV, but today I got very lucky  and saw four good films in a row, none of which I’d ever seen  before.  Just good, nothing I’d say anybody has to see, but intelligent and original, at least.  They had interesting characters with interesting conflicts, and none of them, except for the last one, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, depended on guns and explosions or special effects that much.  By that time I was in the mood for something less challenging anyway, and I can always watch  Arnold kicking the shit out of people and wisecracking about it.  He’s like a more thuggish James Bond.
The first one, called Nine, was about a famous  director, and he had a wife, and a super hot girlfriend (Penelope Cruz) and all sorts of hot starlets wanting to  sleep with him, but his wife wasn’t happy  about the whole  situation, and it had flashbacks to his childhood and a fantasy scene of  him in a hot tub with  the  pope, and song, because it was a musical.  In the end, a really  solid film about mid-life crisis with  plenty of glitz  and tits.
The second one  was a shift from dark to light.  Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, about a magic toy store.  Cute, and the ending was a bit lame, oh, look, the  magic is real.  But, it had interesting characters and the struggle between existing in reality and believing in magic was well-played.
The third one kind of surprised me.  Chaos Theory, which kind of veers between light-hearted comedy and a wrenching story of a guy who finds out, through a bizarre series of  events which leave you, at several  points, thinking the  film is going to go in a totally different  direction, that he is sterile and therefore his 7 year old daughter is  not his.  The  film could have ended 3 minutes earlier, though, and been  complete.  The whole 15 years later thing was completely unnecessary.

Then came the Schwarzenegger vehicle, I think it was called  The 6th Day, or something like that.  It was in the near future (one of my  favorite settings), and they used a lot of tech which is just over the horizon, and made it very  believable.  They thought  Arnold  was dead so they  cloned him, but then they had to kill the clone to cover it  up, and eventually the two Arnolds had to team up to  save his/their family.  Twice the Arnold.



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