Late Blog

Not many ideas for a blog tonight and it’s getting late, watching Conan the Barbarian, my latest thing for totally mindless entertainment, so here’s a little  poem I wrote today:

A poem can do many things
a poem can entertain
a good one can inspire you
or feed your needy brain
perhaps for provocation
truly, it’s your choice
For me, it’s just I like to hear
the sound of my own voice

because it was in response to a question on a poetry  site I’m on, the one that stresses feedback, about our reasons for writing poetry, and it doesn’t really say much about anything  important and I don’t think it’s very  good or  original so  I probably won’t post it anywhere else or put it in the next book.
I have noticed that my comments over there have been a bit on the sarcastic side, lately, and maybe that’s bleeding over into my other comments, too.  Still, it’s a  good place for me to post, partly because you  do sometimes get some feedback, although not much butt it’s better than nothing, and partly because there aren’t so many people as on the other poetry sites I’ve been to so I’m pretty  sure that most of the people  there are seeing most of my poems.
Maybe that’s because it’s a site that encourages feedback, and most people don’t want that.  Most people (it seems) just want nodding agreement and support.  That’s cool, too, and all.  Time and place, time and place.

I was just reading through a Reddit thread, that seemed interesting, I may give that platform a try.  Not because I’m worried about Facebook stealing all my data, just to have an extra platform.

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