Other Parties, Other Sites

There are a lot of people who continuously tell me that I must leave the Democratic party because they suck just as bad as Republicans, which is true.  I would love to jump ship to a third party, just the same as I would love to take a vacation up to a hotel floating  in outer space, but neither one actually exists at the moment.   I don’t know why, because we’ve got the agenda, it’s Bernie’s agenda, which a majority of the American people agree with, and so we have the numbers as well, but it hasn’t happened yet.
It’s sort of like all the people saying we must leave Facebook, because Zuckerberg is selling our information, like we always knew he did (come on, how do you think he made his money?  It’s not as if Facebook charges a membership fee).  I don’t feel any particularly loyalty to Facebook or Zuckerberg, but I’ve got lots of contacts on Facebook and would, at this point, find it hard to live without.
Then,  there’s the floating hotel in space situation.  If a perfect site existed, everybody would go there, but it doesn’t.
So, I presented the question to one  of my gymnasium classes this morning.  Being teenagers, they are much hipper than I am, and therefore I consider them experts on social media.  They mentioned Twitter, which I do use, a bit, and probably should learn to use better, but it’s certainly not going to replace Facebook for me.  Then they mentioned Reddit and Tumblr.  Those sound intriguing, and that’s going  to be my project for this weekend, to set up accounts there and see how they work.
But I’m not abandoning Facebook just yet.

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