Android Acceptance Threshold

As artificially  intelligent androids begin to take over all of the jobs, one field at a time, they will meet with almost no resistance.  This is why  I think so.
We were in the mall the other day.  I had to buy a pair of dress shoes  for a ballroom dancing course my wife signed us up for and  we had our first lesson last name and it was kind of fun, at least something to get me away from the computer for awhile.  But, I digress.  That’s not what tonight’s blog is about at all.  After that, we stopped into  a drug store to make a couple  of small  purchases, and it was there that I had my epiphany.  It was a routine transaction, H paid with a credit card and as she waited for the sale to clear and her receipt to be printed, the clerk  had such a blank look on her face – it was somewhere beyond indifference, but it wasn’t pointed  enough to be hostile – that it was clear she hated her job, probably  resented us for having come to her register, and couldn’t  wait for us to be gone.  Now, this is not an uncommon occurrence in the Czech Republic.  It can happen in  other countries, too, but Czechs are kind of famous for it.

Anyway, I realized in that instant that if that girl gets replaced by a robot, which will have a couple, cheery pre-programmed phrases to pass the time, and an absolutely gorgeous smile, nobody’s going to be bothered.  Nobody’s going to say “Hey, we want the grumpy girl back.”

We will see, but that’s my prediction,  entered into  the  official record on this date, April something I’m not sure what, 2018.

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