The Many Shapes of AI

Very often conversations about AI descend into crude jokes about sexbots, and I’m  sure there will be that, but robots will  be in demand to perform a wide variety of  tasks.  In fact, an almost infinite variety of tasks, once they get rolling, because honestly, deep down, as much as people talk about the need to keep busy  and be productive, and the nobility  of human labor and crap  like that, nobody actually  wants to do  any work they don’t have to.
Boston Dynamics is not just designing humanoid robots, they’ve got the big dogs, too.  So, police dogs are going to be out of a job, and  maybe  sheep dogs, eventually, although I think it might take a long time, because sheep dogs are pretty amazing.

It will  take a lot longer to replace them than it will, for instance, truck drivers, shop clerks and assembly  line workers.
I’m sure creative people will continue to create and brilliant people will continue to invent, and theorize, and explore, but as far as the nuts and bolts are concerned, the mundane daily tasks that keep  our civilization running, those jobs are going to the bots, and I’ve  got no problem with it.
The sexbots will  all look sexy  as hell, of course, and they will be of both sexes, but the factory workers will look like smiley little elves, the garbage collectors will look like Shrek, gardens will be tended by drones that  look  like fairies, or pixies, or whatever, the construction trade will be filled  with giants.  It will be sort of a magical  world.  After all, the brain is always the same even if  the  programming is different, you just  need some slight  adjustments to the appendages and the rest is just latex.

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