An Unproductive Day

It started off kind of productive.  My project for this weekend is to set up accounts on Tumbler and Reddit, and to clean up my  Twitter account so  it’s a bit more legible and coherent and not like a slightly jazzed up version of my  hotmail junkmail.

So, I did that first and I even found out about one more site, Kialo, which  seems promising from what I read but seems as if it’s going to be the hardest to actually establish an presence on, because when I tried to post a comment it said first you need to get approval to send messages and so now that is pending and could take forever.  That’s the thing with the word ‘pending.’  You have know idea  of when, or whether, it will end.
The others I’m not too sure about, either.  They may go, for me, the way of LinkedIn and Quora and GooglePlus, all of which I’ve tried and then drifted away from.  LinkedIn I wish I could figure out how to quit.  Actually, GooglePlus, too.
Anyway, I looked at them  for a while and then went over to clean out my Twitter account, which my plan was just to scroll through and delete all  the boring stuff.  O.K., there’s a difference between unfollowing and blocking, I suppose, I wound up just blocking again and again because it was quicker, and the  stuff did disappear immediately, but it seemed after a bit like I was trying to empty the creek with a tin cup.
So, I’ll look at them all again tomorrow, and see what happens.

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