We just got back from  a dinner party and I’m stuffed, stuffed  to the point that I’m falling asleep while typing and watching a TV show I’ve never seen before, Detective Murdoch (?) ,something like that, it’s a bit interesting because it’s set in Canada in about, I’d guess late 18 or early 1900s, and it’s just not the most common time and place to set a TV series.

That’s one thing that kind of bothers me.  With all the times and places involved in human history over the 70,000 years or so in which we’ve been clearly human, why are there only a handful we focus on in our films and books.  The present, of course.  The near future and the far future.  WWII.  WWI.  The American Civil War.  (Seriously, I do not feel I’ve seen near enough films about the English Civil War.  Or all of the South American Wars.  We see lots of films set in Ancient Rome, and in Ancient Egypt, but there aren’t so many  about Mesopotamia, or Sumeria, or Phoenicia, or Carthage, not to mention the Khmer Empire that built Angkor Wat.
Anyway, I sort of intended to write about the dinner and how it was actually painful  how much food we ate, but it was all very good, but especially the mushroom  salad, and the  very garlicky egg salad  sandwiches.  The cake at the very  end, when I really didn’t want to eat any more but it was a birthday  cake, so  couldn’t say no, was quite awesome as well.  Layers of cream and chocolate,  graced with strawberries.

Good night.  I’ll  write more tomorrow.

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