Bring It On

The DNC (which, I strongly suspect still means Hillary Clinton, although I have no idea why) has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, Wikileaks, and Russia, saying they conspired together to make her lose the election in 2016.

She’s swinging right, left and center, so to speak.

A lawsuit against Donald Trump makes sense.  Charge him with tax evasion, maybe even obstruction of justice.  Make him show his tax  returns.  Maybe get him on  the sex charges, I don’t care.  If you find something to send Donald Trump  to jail, I’ll be happy.  If the whole thing blows up in  her face and she winds up going to  jail her own self, I’ll be happy.  I’ll be happy either way, so knock yourselves out, “DNC.”

In the case of Wikileaks, there are questions with both the charge and the jurisdiction.  First of all, there’s nothing at all illegal (yet) about publishing information which is true, and you don’t even have to divulge where you got it, at least it’s that way in the movies, in real life I’m sure it works a lot different.  Anyway, you shouldn’t have to.

Then, there’s the jurisdiction.  Assange is under virtual house arrest anyway, has been for years over taking perhaps a bit much of a sexual liberty, but that’s not what it’s really about, of course, but unless the U.S. wants to go to  war with Ecuador it should probably leave Assange alone.
But, Russia?  How do you even go about that?  You, DNC, the leaders of a nearly extinct political party which itself is massively guilty of election fraud, are bringing a lawsuit against a sovereign nation, the land of the Bolshoi Ballet, and Dostoyevsky.  The land that put the first man into outer space and a land with enough nuclear weapons to end all life on Earth.  The land of bears and Vodka and hilarious dash cam videos.

But, you know what?  Go for it.  Let’s see how this plays out.


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