The Tilleman Tape

Levi Tilleman is a progressive who wants to run for congress from Colorado.  He is a qualified person, has worked in government, and wants health care for everybody.  So, of course the powers that be in the Democratic Party are trying to keep him out.  They have decided that the nomination should go to Jason Crow, the more ‘business friendly’ candidate.  The primary, of course, hasn’t been held yet.  The voters haven’t weighed in.  But the powers that be in the Democratic party ‘have decided.’

This is not just an assumption on my part, or a paranoid conspiracy theory.  Steny Hoyer, a very powerful and well connected Democrat, met with Levi Tilleman recently and tried to persuade him to drop out of the race.  “This is the way it’s done all the time,” he said.  How do we know what Hoyer said?  Because Tilleman had the presence of mind to record their conversation.

Once upon a time, this would have been a major scandal.   It means the primaries are just for show, because the Democrat establishment has already decided who the candidates will be.  For one thing, that is extremely foolish.  It’s why they lost the presidency in 2016, it’s why they’ve lost the House, and the Senate, and a clear majority of the governorships, and it’s why they’re going to keep on losing.  But, foolishness aside, it is totally unethical.  People have a right to vote, and they have a right for their vote to count.

Hoyer (and the rest of the Democrat powers that be) are trying to make sure we don’t have that right.  I hope he gets hit with a progressive challenger in his own district, and I hope Tilleman kicks Crow’s ass in the primary.

Not holding my  breath, though.  These people are deeply entrenched and they’ve got rich backers.  They may have to lose a few more elections before they get the message.


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