The Role (or lack thereof) of Faith in the Information Age

Ah, yes, on Facebook  as in real  life, we right the wrong comment, we say the wrong thing and later the perfect phrase, that zinger we’re always looking  for, just pops into  our head, but it doesn’t  work as a 2nd response.

A post appeared on  my Facebook feed and I couldn’t figure out how it got there, surely a Bible Thumper like that was not one of my friends, and then I realized that it was a post from one of the poetry sites I’m signed up for, actually two of them, it was repeated twice because a lot of people post their messages on more than one site.  It was standard, old fashioned ‘atheists are going to burn in  hell forever’ stuff.
So, I responded “This is a poetry site.  Piss off.”
I later realized that I should have avoided vulgarity and said “I slam the cyber door in your cyber face, you lowlife cyber Jehovah’s Witness.  Begone, before I sic my cyber dogs on you.”  Would have had the same effect, though.  I went looking  for the thread later on and couldn’t find it.

Somebody else today made a great comment about religion, saying we tend to congratulate ourselves on being people of learning and science because we’re no longer as religious as we were, say, at the time of the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish inquisition, but maybe we shouldn’t be so quick  to pat our own back because we still believe in a lot of irrational concepts, like money is real and governments are infallible.

Truer words were never spoken.  Everything we’ve taken on trust needs to be examined in bright  light and under a microscope.  Let us then figure out the straightest way forward in the direction we want to go, and go.

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