To Buy or Not to Buy. That is the Question.

I am a writer.  Not a successful writer.  Possibly not even a very good writer.  I don’t know, that’s up to other people to judge.  But, definitely a writer.  I belong to several different poetry groups on Facebook.  My friend’s list is as full of writers as the ocean is of plastic.

One thing they’re always doing is talking about writing, and bitching about it, but you don’t tend to see their writerly skills actually on display in their posts and comments.  They tend to use the same banal words to express the same banal thoughts as everybody else.
Another thing they’re always doing is posting memes about how great it is to own lots of books, and to always buy more books.  I saw one the other day that said “The correct number of books to own is N+1, N being the number you already own.”

And it has to be real, print books.  Kindle doesn’t count. You know, because of the smell or some such nonsense, or the feel of real paper, and it’s probably best if they’re hardbacks, because you can stack them up and use them as furniture.
They don’t talk so  much about reading these books, just about owning them.

My brother-in-law is sort of and a gun store is like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but for adults, and he posts pictures of guns as objects of beauty and says whenever he has spare  money he likes to spend it on guns.
It’s the same kind of thing.   They are hung up on the ownership, and have lost sight of what the  thing is actually  for.  The number of books you need to own is the one you are currently reading, and even that can be on loan from a library,  or a friend.
Books, as objects, are nothing.  It’s the ideas contained within them that you want.

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