Who Invented Bitcoin?

I don’t think about bitcoin to much.  I don’t actually own any, nor am I in a financial position to invest.  You all know the old gambling maxim, ‘never bet what you can’t afford to lose,’ and the amount I can afford to lose is so close to 0 that it would not be worthwhile.
But, even though it does not currently affect me, I think about it sometimes, in the same way  I think of global warming, or the potential eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, or a large asteroid or a gamma ray burst hitting the Earth.  I think these are things we should be collectively worried about as a species, drawing up the old survival plans and whatnot, but I  don’t really see a lot  I can do about any of them as an individual.  So, I write.

With bitcoin, I don’t really know: will  this be the economic salvation of mankind, or will this destroy us entirely.  On the one hand, money is only a symbol.  It is what we all agree that it is, so if everybody accepts bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies, and the whole blockchain technology behind them, then they will continue to have value.
On the other hand, there is one thing that seriously weirds me out, like I don’t  even see how it’s possible, and that makes me nervous.  That is the fact that nobody knows where bitcoin came from.  Oh, sure, there’s a founder’s name – Satoshi Nakamoto- but that’s just a screen name and does not correspond to any  known living human being.

It’s a Japanese name, so it could be some high tech Japanese company – there are plenty of those, they are way ahead of  the rest of the world with their robots, and I think they’re right up there with the AI as well.  Or, it could be an AI program gone rogue.  If bitcoin is the product of a machine intelligence, is this the first sign that the machines are taking over?  But, just because it’s a Japanese name doesn’t prove anything.  Maybe it’s a 15 year old kid who loves anime and put this whole thing together in their room.  Admittedly, that would have to be some super smart 15 year old and, if so, they will undoubtedly  be a billionaire before they are 18, and more power to ’em.
Or, maybe it’s the Chinese, who are clearly trying to take over the world,  with their experiments in space and the belt road initiative and even that crazy social rating system which appears outrageous to most people with a human soul and even a bit of imagination, but might appear completely logical to a machine intelligence.
Or maybe it’s aliens.  I always like to consider the possibility of aliens.

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