May Alchemy

Just got back from the May Alchemy poetry reading.  It’s in a new place, apparently ACT is no more, which is a shame.  The new location, though, is dead convenient for a Yellow liner like me, and I liked it because the performance area was separate from the bar, and that’s important.  Nothing can derail  a poetry reading than people just carrying on their normal conversations.  I did notice one drawback when I  stepped out at halftime.  Although marijuana is more or less legal in this country, there’s a police station right across the street and that could feel a little awkward.
My material didn’t get the huge reaction I would have liked.  A couple of people told me they liked it, but it wasn’t the Wow! moment I’d hoped for.  My poem about ‘Uranus smells like farts’ fell totally flat.

The featured performer was interesting, a bit of performance and dance and glitter mixed with the poetry.  The bubbles bit didn’t work too  well, but it was a noble effort.  There was a great new song from Ken Nash, a kind of industrial pseudo rap from Mike Rowland, a Taiwanese girl who almost fainted on stage, and more.
I saw a couple of people I haven’t seen for awhile, and made a couple of new contacts.

Over all, a satisfying evening.

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