Of course it is worrying that Donald Trump is arbitrarily (without debate, approval, or seeking expert advice, unless you count John Bolton as an expert, which he’s not) pulling out of the Iran  Nuclear Accord.
Even for Trump, it was a move of incredible stupidity.  The agreement was working.  That is, no state of war existed with Iran and Iran was not building nuclear weapons (according to everybody who knows anything about the subject).
But, either because Trump wanted to undo it just because Obama had done it, or because with South and North Korea making nice, he found himself without an external enemy, and every American president needs an external enemy, he nixed the deal,  ripped up the contract, stomped his little feetsies and said “No!”
Now, nobody in the world has any reason at all to honor previous agreements or contracts with America, he’s caused a rift between the U.S. and Europe, and he’s cost Boeing a hell of a lot of money.
It’s a kind of genius, really, to fuck up this bad.  If he actually succeeds in  starting a war with Iran, nobody at all will be on America’s side.  And, it comes hot on the heels of his boneheaded tariffs, which is going to cause a lot of hardship for anybody with a soybean crop to sell  this year.
I don’t know if this will actually lead to a war with Iran or not.  But, if it does, everybody  in  the whole world will know who the bad guys are, and it’s not the Iranians.

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