A Good Day and one Political Comment

This morning we went to Pruhonice.  There is a park there,  not a large park but arguably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Not the most spectacular, just very pretty. It’s a series of ponds connected by a small stream, and a lot of flowers.  You enter through  a small castle, which I’m not sure was ever actually a castle, I get the feeling it was set there for  decoration, and a place to host the snack bar, but I’m probably wrong.  Then you go down  the castle steps, down into the valley,  down into  the  meadow.  You look from there back  up to the castle and there’s definitely a fairy  tale vibe to the place.  There were lots of flowers in bloom but we were a bit early for the blooming of the rhododendrons, which is what it’s famous for.  Some were in bloom, and of various colors, but I think we were too  early  for the main show.  It’s a question of days,  really, and  I’ve never hit it exactly right.

Then, this evening, we watched the Czechs win a squeaker against Switzerland in World Championship Hockey, so that was  pretty  exciting.  Switzerland was winning through most of the game, and it came  down to a shootout.

My unsolicited political opinion of the day is this:  It’s perfectly legitimate for Melania Trump to pick Cyberbullying as her First Lady cause, but it’s super lame that the pamphlet she put out is a total, word for word, copy of the one Michelle Obama put out when she was first lady.  Like, so  lame that in any previous administration, it would have been a scandal.  Certainly, no other first lady has ever done anything remotely as lame.

Which brings me to my main point: now  that Melania has picked an issue, now that she  lives in the White House and stands by her husband even though  she knows that he is A: a racist monster B: a threat  to life  on Earth as we know it, and C: a less than faithful husband, she is a fair target.
No more of  this “Don’t criticize the family” shit.  She is a member of that family by choice and deserves all the criticism she deserves – which is plenty.


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