Lazy Saturday

Didn’t do much at all today. ‘Nothing to write home about’, I guess is the saying, but today that might be ‘nothing to write a blog about’.  Anyway, didn’t do much, barely got  out  of the house, we did go out for pizza and that was great, first outdoor dining of the season.  Didn’t even shower all  day, that’s how lazy a day it was.

I did get one poem written, part of my ‘steal a line’ book, and I was kind of pleased with it, I used Theodore Roethke’s ‘I  wake to  sleep…’ but, I don’t know.  It’s got three stanzas and doesn’t really  end on a funny line, but hey…I  never promised they  would all be comic.
I’ve notice in my  book that I have a preference for poets who were writing well over a hundred years ago.    I suppose it’s all  about the rhyme and the meter, but also with regard to subject matter and comprehensibility…well, I don’t really get  a lot of  it.  There’s a poetry site I visit where they say ‘don’t post if you’re not commenting on other people’s stuff, and I haven’t posted much there lately, (I’m not quitting the site, I just haven’t posted there much lately) and I’ve been slack on commenting on other’s stuff, because a lot of the time I read it and think ‘Egad, you call  this writing?’ and that is not exactly what anybody wants to hear.  But, I suspect that some of  them think the same about my stuff.

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