What Sarah Said

I am writing this Monday morning because I didn’t write it last night, lapsing from my eternal vow to write a blog a day forever.  Sometimes it happens, but usually there’s a good excuse, like we are on the road and a long way from  wi-fi, or something like that.

Last night, I was falling asleep and it wasn’t late, and couldn’t think of a good topic.  That’s not a good excuse, because it wasn’t earned fatigue.  Mostly I sat around and did nothing all day.  Did go for a short walk, and it was seriously hot outside, not quite painfully hot, but a sure sign that we will  get there this summer.  No, it was just that, after the third joint, I was whacked into immobility.

Sarah Palin was in my dream last night.  I was back in school, and she was a member of the faculty who stopped me while wandering around in the hallway.  So, I suppose that means I should have written my blog last night about her, which I am writing now.

She is still an idiot, of course, a Trump supporter and raving right wing lunatic, but she did have some good things to say about Julian Assange.  I don’t know if it’s the ‘blind pig finding an acorn sometimes’ thing, or if it’s that strange meeting of left and right that sometimes happens when both of them are sufficiently removed from the center, but they were good things, true things, and I was glad to hear them.

It was all about how he’s trying to get information out and information is good because it helps us make better decisions.  Freedom of information.  It really is the key to a brighter future.  Thank you, Sarah Palin.

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