…is the show I’m watching on TV at the moment, I’ve seen just 3 episodes so far and I’m kind of on the fence  as to whether I like it or not, but since there’s so much crap  on TV that I  even  watch Reign and appreciate it because it’s not the most mindless thing on, believe it or not, I’m willing  to give this a shot.
It’s about time travel, but it’s a bit confusing, because I’ve never seen them in any time other than the present.  I think the plot is that they’re coming back from a few centuries in the future to prevent us from totally fucking things up, and they have all sorts of cool, high tech devices, but I’m not really sure yet.  It’s very confusing and jumps around a lot, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing, either.

The main character is the guy who starred in Perception, which I got thoroughly sick of very quickly.  For a college professor, he sure seemed to get caught up in murder investigations at the drop of a hat, and the little gimmick of him being a schizophrenic genius who always hallucinated the solution to the crime didn’t help  matters any.  Plus, I am sorry, because he’s a decent actor and seems to be a nice guy, but LaVar Burton is just irretrievably typecast.  I can’t see him without seeing that huge visor covering the top of his  face.
But, that was Perception and this  is a different show.  I’ll give it a few more episodes.


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