Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Sure, lots of you have already seen this film, like forever ago, so my review is not going to be timely or Earth shaking, because opinions have been long ago formed, battle lines drawn, but I just saw it now and so here are my observations.

  1.  I enjoyed it.  That doesn’t mean I  was knocked out or amazed by  it, but it was entertaining and exciting all the way through, in an action adventure sort of way.
  2. I didn’t care for what they did with the Scottie character, I mean his Burns-Smithers relationship with the twisty little blue man who looked a bit like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.  It would have been fine in an  original  movie, but it was so out of line with the character of Scottie we know that, even as comic relief it didn’t work well.  He did save the day, though.
  3. And the Klingons, how many iterations of Klingons have we had?  It was a cool look, though.
  4. The actor who played Spock did a fine job and it’s not his fault he reminded me a bit of  Dan Aykroyd and every time he opened his mouth I  heard a  Conehead joke.
  5. The thing that really  struck me though is that I’ve always like the TV shows better than the movies, and I  think I’ve figured out why.  When they’ve got the big screen and the big budget, it’s all  action  adventure, one big battle scene after another.  The shows always seemed to be more focused on the ethical dilemma.

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