A Bad Look

I went out for a little walk and I was just sitting there on a rock, with trees and bushes all around and stood up and walked over to check  the street and there was a policeman standing on  the corner.  No big deal, smoking is more or less legal and he was looking the other way and no big deal so I  retreated to  my  seat and finished off the joint and solved all the problems of the world in my head, they should put a plaque on that rock.

So, I started walking home and now there’s two cops on the corner.  I walked past them, crossed the street and was headed home.  Then I looked back down the street and suddenly realized why the police were there.
There was a huge crowd, like I couldn’t see  the back of  it, shouting something incoherent, so I started walking toward them, along the side of the park, where plenty of folk were just taking it all in  stride.  I thought maybe they were Nazis.  Anyway, there was a serious paucity of information in their signs and on their T-shirts, which all said ‘trouble gang’ if they said anything at all, and some of them were carrying flags, black and white stripes like in a parody of the American flag, and a black field in the corner, with some sort of  insignia in it.  It wasn’t a swastika, but it still looked intimidating.  The chant was “Trouble-Gang, Trouble-Gang.  The flag that was different was one big orange one saying ‘Radio Fajn,’ so I  thought maybe some kind of promotion, but there were no serious cameras around, just a few people  with cell phones.  Also, plenty of police at the back, all in ninja black with paddy wagons at the ready.

When I got home, a friend of  ours was here and I  recounted the tale.  He googled  it real  quick and trouble gang is apparently the posse of some Slovakian rapper.
Then, when Sam  got home from work, I  asked him how it went and he said “Terrible, there was a concert from some Slovakian  rapper…”  I said ‘trouble gang’ and he said yeah.
So, I guess it’s an interesting way for the fans to arrive at a concert, but if their schtick is to look like Nazis, well, that’s not a good look.

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