Los Perdidos

The stories of American border guards taking children from their mothers and their families and detaining  them in separate facilities is true.  What’s worse is that  the government has claimed to have ‘lost’ 1,475 of those children.
“The ORR was tasked between October and December 2017 with checking on the welfare of the more than 7,000 children supposedly placed into the homes of a sponsor or guardian. Along with the nearly 1,500 missing children, an additional 28 ran away and 52 were living with someone other than their initial sponsor,” according to the article I just read.  (on HuffingtonPost)

The ORR is “Office of Refugee Relocation,” and it’s safe to say that, being eager partners in  this administration’s border control efforts, they are probably thoroughly incompetent and  would  be  doing a shitty job even  if  their intentions were good,  which I  doubt  that they are.

But, this is a step too far if there was ever a step too far.  You don’t just lose 1,475 children.  It is not the same as losing 21 trillion dollars, which also should  be prosecuted, but this  is much worse than that.  This  is child neglect.  This is a seriously horrific  case of child abuse.

If the ORR can’t locate the  children, do they have  a list of the foster homes they  were left in, and if not, why not, and if so, do those people know what happened to the children or maybe they need to be prosecuted for  child neglect?  If they have  escaped  the  facility because the  fat guard  was drunk and fell  asleep, then  you should fess up to  that.
But I think it’s much worse than that.  I don’t even want to say  what I  think it is.
Whatever it is,  it needs to be looked into  right now.

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