A Borrowable Idea

On the poetry workshop site where I  mostly lurk, because my idea of  poetry  and everybody there’s idea of  poetry  are  two  different ideas and I don’t want to get all negative on people, so I comment occasionally but try not to do  it much more often than when I post, which is only when I’ve written something, which hasn’t been for a few days now, maybe  a week, I saw something I liked today.
Not the whole  poem, I  can’t even remember what the whole poem was about and didn’t understand it at the time, just one line and I  can’t even  remember that exactly.
But, the idea was that sanity is an unnatural suppression of the mind.  The way I  see it, society needs both kinds.  We need the average people, the sane people, because that’s what gives us social cohesion.  Almost everybody agrees that an  evening out with friends, with some good food and drink,  is a positive thing, and people generally avoid talking politics or saying anything  that other people  are going to object to , or fail to understand.  Almost everybody  agrees that killing people is bad, that animals should  not be abused, and that we should have  clean air and water.  Only the insane would find arguments with  that.

Hoo boy, do I have some crazy friends on Facebook.  But, I’m digressing.  We need the normal people.  They keep our families and communities together.  We also need the crazy, or at least the eccentric, because without that element, life would get boring.  So, it’s a mix.  but I liked  the idea of sanity  as being a misshapen mind, and I’m going to try  and  work that into a poem.

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