When things happen in threes, you tend to  sit up and take notice.  Anything that can come in threes: school shootings, police murders, celebrity weddings, sharks, whatever.  The second incidence already strikes you as a coincidence, and so the third convinces you that this is beyond coincidence.

Also, I do tend to  see conspiracies, and probably shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, because this is a nice story, something with hope for the future. So, take this with a grain of salt.

I read three articles today on cures for cancer.  The first was that surgeons at a cancer institute had cured one woman’s late stage breast cancer, by a revolutionary method.  I didn’t quite understand it, but it involved removing just a bit of  the tumor and analyzing it down to the cellular level and then they find the immune cells and replicate them en mass and reinsert them and they eat the cancer.  And that’s it.  They’ve cured one, there will  be more, and the study to  perfect this  method  will continue.
The second was about how wasp venom was a miracle cure for cancer.  I wonder how they figured that one out.
The third one, of course, was an article about  cannabis curing cancer, one person’s personal testimony, but I read those all the time.  There’s a certain social media  bias at work,  I’m  sure.  I’m interested in all things cannabis, so I  see those stories.

But the ungenerous thought that struck me was: why was I  seeing lots of other (because two becomes lots of  when  you’re thinking that way) articles about possible cures  for cancer?  ‘Ha!,’ I thought.  ‘They’re bringing these out now because they want to pre-empt the cannabis cure, because the power structure fears marijuana more than  anything except maybe women and atheists.’
But I’m sure that’s not true.  Any way, there’s no reason not to continue to research all possibilities.  Even the wasp one.

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