A Bad Day in California

It was not a good day for progressives at all.  Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi cruised to easy wins.  That does not necessarily mean they’ll get back into congress, they could lose in the general election, but it means we won’t get a progressive in either of those seats.  In Feinstein’s race, de Leon may come in second, which would mean a race between two Democrats and, really, that eliminates any reason anybody has for voting for Feinstein, but de Leon’s not all that great, either.
It wasn’t even close.  Delaine Eastin, I think, got less than 10 percent in her bid for governor, and my favorite Senate candidate, David Hildebrand, was closer to the 1% mark.  I find that kind of hard to believe.  Sanders’ followers are issue based people, and from what I’ve been seeing on my Facebook page, people were motivated and ready to get to the polls.

Of course, there were 100,000 ‘lost’ ballots in California, and those people were given ‘provisional’ ballots which, we all know, get tossed in the trash.  I’m sure, an election is a major event, and mistakes can be made, but it seems they are being made with greater and greater frequency and every time it happens, the U.S. government and the two corporate owned parties who make it up, lose a bit of credibility.
And they don’t really have that much left to lose.

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