The Arrest of Sam Ronan

Once again, a major story is being practically  ignored by the MSM so, just to piss into the wind, I’m going to talk about it.  If you Google ‘Sam Ronan arrested’ you  see an article from the Dayton Daily News, which is shorter than this blog’s going to be, and things from Twitter and Yahoo.  If I wasn’t on  the Bernie grapevine, I might not have  heard about it at all.

SSam Ronan is a progressive activist who ran for the chairmanship of the DNC, but got shunted aside by Keith Ellison as the more tenable progressive choice, but Ellison lost the spot to Tom Perez, who represents everything the party  should not be about, and then he ran for congress, as a Republican, just to mess with everybody.  You might say I’m a fan.
Anyway, he got pulled over by the cops, threatened, and arrested.  The  whole thing is on video.  Here:

Of course, he wasn’t murdered, as many black motorists have been (Ronan is white) and those cases are even more egregious, but this represents a dark and dangerous escalation.

The only charges brought against him have to do with resisting arrest, and the police, from everything I’ve read up to this point, had no original charge against him whatsoever.  So, my conclusion is that this was a clear cut case of political intimidation.

The basic legal principle was established in the Magna Carta in 1215, over 800 years ago.  The police can’t just arrest you for no reason at all.  Of course, in 1215 it had to do with what the king  could or couldn’t due to nobles, but, in theory at least,  we’ve evolved  a bit since then.
And yet that’s exactly what they did.  Put him in handcuffs and took him away.  For no  reason at all.

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