It was a creative day, in a few small ways.  I woke up from a dream in which I was teaching, and got an idea for a great game, emphasizing repetition of the ‘th’ sound, which all non-English speakers have trouble with, but it’s not  difficult to say, it’s just repetition that’s needed.
Then, I wrote a short poem.  It started off as as a response to a Facebook comment, somebody saying “You’re all so fake!” which I think is a real bullshit thing to say because it implies that only the commenter, out  of all the people  on  Earth, is not.  It’s like people saying “Wake up, Sheeple!”  Just shut up, you are not a damned alarm clock.
It drew a response (the poem did) which said  it was as if “Holden Caulfield had written a version of The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ badly.  He may have meant that as a putdown, but I liked it.  I loved ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ is a great song.  Also, the comment showed that he understood what I  was saying, whether he thought the poem was badly  written or not.  So, success.
Then, I finally, (after years and years) figured out how to  jump back in time to  previous blogs, and was surprised to realize how long I’ve been writing this thing.  I’m in my 8th year.  Read a post about a day when Sam was 8 and Isabel 4, a spilled drink and some crying, which made me laugh.  The reason this is  a major breakthrough is it’s going to make it very  easy for me to write a ‘best of’ book.
Also took a walk downtown to go to the Post Office.  The amazing thing about Prague is that now that I’m not a tourist, and don’t necessarily  get into  the center  more than once every couple  of  weeks, whenever I do do I see something different.  A new building finished or  a new construction project started, a marketplace where no  marketplace was before (cash free which gave  it a futuristic feel, but correspondingly overpriced), a new statue, etc…
Seriously, the city changes that fast.

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