Rough Class

O.K., a friend of Sam’s is sleeping over so I need to get the blog written so  I can vacate the living room, and I am not going to write about the Singapore Summit because, really, what is going to come of it?  Trump, with all of his bluster, is not likely to actually provoke a nuclear war, and I doubt very  much if the conference will lead to re-unification.  I imagine it will end as all political meetings end, with both parties coming out and saying there was a  ‘good exchange of opinions’ and that ‘progress was made.’  Of course, with Trump you never know.
My Mondays sometimes (every other Monday) start with 2nd graders and, boy, are they a handful.  Last lesson, I had them marching all around the room, hoping that I could teach them the months as they marched around the room.  Today I was a bit less ambitious, focusing on  the days of the week, but the results were similarly frustrating.  These kids know nothing, and they’re perfectly happy that way.  After that, I played the ‘find the color’ game which involves letting them run around the room a lot, then we sang ‘the eentsy weentsy spider’ and I read them ‘The Sneetches,’ in between yelling at them to shut up, and sit down, two very important life skills they have not yet mastered.
I had two sitting in corners and one sitting out in the hallway, but it was wack-a-mole, there was always one more.

It was a very  physical  class, and a very hot day, and  I’d run from the Metro  in the first place and was still  almost late, and by the end of that  class I was sweating like a fat man after a spinning session.  Between the 2nd graders and the 4th graders, a group of 6th graders comes in and  occupies the room  for about 10 minutes.  They aren’t my students, but some of them talk to me anyway.  One of them asked me “Why  are you so wet?”
And so I told  him.  If he was planning  on being a teacher when he grows up, I’ll bet he doesn’t now.

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