Summat About the Summit

I’m not totally defending Trump.  I  think the ‘summit’ with Kim was long on theater, short on substance.  Nothing is going to be based on a short meeting like that.  North Korea has not suddenly stopped being a nuclear threat, if they actually  were one, and it’s unlikely that we’re going to see instant re-unification.  On the plus side, re-unification is  just as possible as it was before.
I do think that the rage from the Democratic party over the summit is absurd.  They mock Trump for suggesting that Kim build hotels, but North Korea does have a lot of beachfront  property, and tourism can be  a boon to  anybody’s economy.  Also, let us not forget the role Coca Cola and McDonald’s played in  opening Russia to the West.
They make fun of the video Trump made for the summit, but I watched it and was actually surprised.  For being done by Trump people, it was actually competently put together.  Even the message was on point, that Kim could  go down in  history as a great man by bringing prosperity to  his country.  What better message?  I don’t know that it will  be listened to, but you don’t know unless you try.

The idea that he made a video, which is kind of a new step, just plays to Trump’s strength, which is TV.  It reminds me of  how he arrived for the speech  announcing his candidacy, by escalator.  We laughed then, too.
So, in summary:  It’s O.K., even good, that world leaders should meet and talk.  It should happen frequently, even  casually.  Not much usually  changes, and  I  don’t expect it  will this time.
Meanwhile, it seems Trump’s lawyer may soon  be indicted, people along the path of  the Keystone pipeline are putting up solar  panels and windmills, which  is  a brilliant  tactic, and the world  is still turning around.

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