When the Lesson Plan Goes Awry

The best laid plans of mice and  men aft gang agley, and so they should.  It’s only when we try to put them into place that we realize their flaws, it’s only when we put theory into practice that we disprove the theory.

I had a great new game planned to practice the ‘th’ sound in English, but in my first class today  I was trying to set that up through normal conversation, waiting  for one of my students to pronounce it badly, e.g. ‘de Lord of  de Rings’ but most of them, it turned out, were saying it perfectly correctly, which pleased me, they’re a good class, but it left me without  a lesson plan, so  I went ahead and played the game anyway, it was a time waster  and that’s all they  really  want out of my lessons so  they  were O.K. with  it.  In the next class, we just wound up talking about other things and then in my third class…well, I’ve got very little control over that  class, they’re a wild bunch but they’re bright, so it’s always interesting.  There is one who always wants to argue with me about the value of education, which is so much like what I  was like in High School  that it’s absurd but now it’s my job to try and force some knowledge into  his empty (he is 18.  Of course his head is  relatively empty) head, so that’s what I do: my job.
Then we spent some time talking about how the world was likely to end (overpopulation was a popular contender, but aliens did get mentioned) and Disney movies.

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