Our Relationship with Facebook

I have one Facebook friend who, in the time I’ve known her which is probably about a year now, has threatened to leave Facebook on an average of about every goddamned day.  Today’s post was about how she actually left but kept getting hints to post stuff to Facebook when she was at other sites, but apparently she was complying, or still just using Facebook, because there was her post.
I have another who periodically bitches about how often he’s been blocked by Facebook, but it’s never been for such a long period of time that I noticed he was gone.  Could happen.  There are so many people, far more than I ever communicated with regularly in real life, and sometimes somebody will just stop appearing and it takes a long while before you say “Hey, haven’t heard from old whatsisname for awhile.

But, I wonder what he does to get blocked.  His political views are considerably less radical than my own, and I’ve never been blocked.  He often posts poetry, some of which is his own and some of which is by famous poets he admires, and he posts works of art, and he has one artist he really likes that I’d never heard of who he posts constantly.  He doesn’t tend to use bad language.

Who knows.  There will always be people  who are way too petty about enforcing the rules, there will always be people who try to push the envelope, and there will always be a point where they meet, and clash.
But, also, I suspect he may be exaggerating a bit.

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