New Flat

It’s late and we’ve got guests so I’d better get this blog written so everybody can get to bed.  It’s been a hell of a day, and the flat is in a bit of disarray, we’re going to have to move things just to lay down.  Helena’s Dad and cousin are here and they painted our flat, which is a huge improvement, and we bought a new (new to us) couch from the neighbor to replace ours, which I  thought was unnecessary but it had been  clawed up pretty good by the rabbit, we’ve had it for years, and the new one is considerably larger.  So, we took the old one to the recycling center, which took two trips because it wouldn’t all fit in  the car at once.
We’re sending Fifi off to the cottage for the summer, so the new couch will get a bit of a grace period, but we’re going to have to figure out some kind of rabbit proofing come September.
I guess that’s the deal.  You can have pets, or you can keep your furniture intact, but it’s hard to balance the two.  Such is life.
Anyway, I’m not going to worry about that now.  It’s high summer, the trees are as green as they ever get, the sun is hot, we’ve got guests arriving, a trip  to Croatia is planned, and within another week or two my class schedule will have dwindled to nothing.
From now until September, my plan is to enjoy every single moment.

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