Tonight’s Blog

Multiple screw-ups, but a nice day, and all’s well that ends well.  We went out to the airport to pick up  our friend arriving  from Portugal and it turned out the flight was arriving at 10:55 in the evening, so I  felt pretty stupid, but he never said p.m. in his e-mails, and Helena pointed out that this could  have been avoided by  using European time, i.e. 22:55.
So, then we went to Florenc to pick up  the  rest of the  party, couldn’t seen any  bus  arriving from  Vienna at just that time, took  a quick  walk  around  to see, waited a few more and then sent a message saying  we were waiting at the station, fortunately he answered back  right away “You’re 24 hours too  early.”
Anyway, we had a relaxing afternoon and just got back from the airport,  flight  arrived on time and all is well.

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