Day 1

Three rules  of travel.

One: Any people more than a couple people and the progress of the  group slows to a crawl.

Two: Distances are deceptive

Three:  Every time somebody  comes  to Prague, if I just follow what  they  want to do, go  and see the things they’ve heard about, I will  discover new things.

After checking the  gang into  their B and B,  we  decided  to stop  at  the restaurant downstairs for drinks, but some people ordered  food  so everybody ordered food.  The restaurant (Globus in Karlin) has pretty good food, and although I sometimes think  their prices  are a bit high,  when  our total  bill  was produced, it wasn’t so bad.   But, the  service was slow.  So, a second  round of  drinks was ordered because the food was slow.  Then, Helena came just as we were finishing up and she ordered a meal, so a few people were on  their third drink.

Most didn’t have a clear plan, but Russ wanted to see the Dancing Building, so that became our  goal.  I suggested  we  walk along the river  to get there, a nice walk a bit  cooler  by  virtue of being near the water, and not beyond reasonable walking  distance.

Turns out it was  well  beyond reasonable walking distance, and the older members of our party (I would say I’m the youngest of the oldest) were all totally beat, but we went up to the terrace at the top of  the  building for a drink, and I must confess, in all the time I’ve been  in  Prague, I’ve  never  been  up there.  Lovely  view.

I still think it’s an ugly  building.  But,  that’s one  we can  tick  off the list.

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