A Lovely Day

We started off  with  a boat  trip  up to the zoo, which actually takes over an hour, which is  strange, because it’s not all that far.  The boat spends a lot  of time in locks.

So, the boat docked and we walked across Cisařsky Ostrov and then  had  to take a ferry  to the zoo side of  the river, which served as a reminder of the bridge collapse a while back.  That was a cool bridge.

We went to Troja Palace first, then proceeded to the zoo.  My older brother and his girlfriend that they had a senior price, which is one  crown.
Now, I have  mixed feelings about zoos.  I figure some of the animals have it figured out that they are not living in exactly a natural setting.  Certainly the polar bear.  The giraffes, I imagine, who can see over  the fence to a street outside, large  birds like  owls or vultures who  live in cages, and some of the others, like the gorillas and the big cats who, despite having a little bit of a natural habitat to play in, no doubt  find it too small.

On the other hand, I always enjoy a trip  to the  zoo.  I  like seeing  the animals,  I like watching the animals, I like learning about the  animals.

Favorites today: the hippo fart,  the young cheetahs  playing and wrestling on the ground, the orangutan playing  with  a burlap bag, and the polar bears  swimming on their back and looking very contented, even though I count them among the  animals who have  an inadequate  space.

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