Ave Caesar

Well, gee, if I  look  to  see first  what story gets the most comments  and  then write my  blog about that, tonight’s winner is the archaeologist who did a bust of  Caesar based on a composite of  other busts of Caesar, except it doesn’t much  look like any of them.  I thought  it looked like Bill  Nighy – you remember, the down and  out rock and roller from ‘Love, Actually.’  A lot  of other people thought  he looked  like an alien.

Now, I’m kind of  obsessed with  a  biopic about Caesar’s life which should, obviously, star Bill Nighy.

Which brings us to another topic.  After they canceled the Roseanne show, more than one of my  Facebook friends suggested that they  keep the show, just kick Roseanne off and call it ‘The Conners.’  Well, I don’t know if  the  studio execs were listening or  if it was just such  a great idea  everybody  thought of  it at once, but  it did strike me as a cool  coincidence when studio  execs announced  just that.
I’d never actually seen the show.  I liked the original Roseanne, and she was definitely  the heart of it.  Whether or not this  new one  succeeds will  be down to the writers.  The actors are all good enough, but without smart-assed Roseanne, I  don’t know that the show will have any  pizzazz at  all.
I just hope the write her out in a funny  way.  Choking on  a piece of  chicken at Popeye’s maybe.  Getting run over by a Fox News van.  Abducted  by aliens,  maybe?

Anyway, Roseanne Barr (the actress, not  the character), is unemployed and, as far as comedy is concerned, damn near unemployable.  But, Sarah Huckabee Sanders can’t  keep up her bullshit  forever.  I think that  job would  be a natural for Roseanne.

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