Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

It has  happened again.  This time it was at the office of a newspaper in Maryland.  A man  with  a  gun came in and killed  5 people.  I’m  guessing  it was a white  man, because he’s  in police custody.  We’ll know more by tomorrow,  like his name and whether neighbors say “he was a quiet man,  he seemed so  normal,” or “oh, yeah, we knew he was loopy, we’d reported him to  the  police many times.”  Like whether he  was a disgruntled former employee, (which is the standard in these cases) or maybe had had a bad breakup  with somebody who works for the paper, or maybe it was just kind of random.
I did see one theory  posted on Facebook and I hope it’s wrong, because it bodes  very badly for the future, but I can’t shake the feeling that maybe that’s it.  The post pointed out that Trump has  been  vigorously denouncing the press lately, and referring to  them as the enemy (which certainly seems to be how Sarah Huckabee Sanders  feels).
Maybe the gunman took  Trump’s words to heart?  If this were ‘The Fisher King’ that would  make Trump the Jeff Bridges character.  Will he feel  the  same  guilt?  I  sure doubt it.

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