The Reason Kennedy Resigned

Although we only found out about this  today, the story  begins back  when the president of the United States was just another sleazy real estate developer, having a hard time getting  any banks to loan him money, on  account of all  his bankruptcies and all.
Deutsche Bank, oddly  enough,  was the one that came through with  about a billion dollars in loans.  The head of the department that approved those loans  was Justin Kennedy, who is the son  of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy.
Now, this might not point to any kind of serious corruption at all.  At the time Trump was not president.  It’s not terribly surprising that the son of a Supreme Court  justice is, himself, successful and well connected.  And Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan, long before Trump even thought  of  getting into politics.
But it sure seems to be the reason Anthony Kennedy  resigned.  It seems that way to me since the story broke within 24 hours and  no other believable explanation  was given  for his  retirement.

So, I think  that somehow the loans from Deutsche Bank were shady, or at least are going to be part of Mueller’s evidence, and I’d be happy  with  that because if they bring his personal finances into  it, he might  not  only be impeached, but  also  prosecuted and have to do  prison time.  In that case, Kennedy would have to recuse himself because he can’t be judging his own son.
It also might  mean that Mueller is going to lay  out the case  soon.

We will see, but that’s my guess at this  point.

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