How To Use Social Media?

There was a comment, a fairly bland comment, the kind you get a dozen of every day, in which the commenter said “I miss the days when Facebook was about friends, it’s all  about arguing about politics now.”
Well, I don’t really agree because I  kind of enjoy the political argument aspect of it, but it’s not for  everybody and it’s not for every mood.  Of course, one can go  to different sites for different things and, even just on Facebook, if you don’t want to argue politics, you have the option of unfriending anybody who talks politics,  or in any event anybody who  disagrees with.
But, the site I’d like to see would make it easy  to go back and forth, to engage in  literary debate in  one place, argue politics in  another, exchange family  news in another section and…oh,  wait a minute, we’ve got all that.
Some people just have to bitch.

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