Civil War

Alex Jones, who is either the craziest, most delusional man alive or else is  just making a lot of money pretending to be the craziest, most delusional  man alive, says that Democrats are planning  to  start a Civil War on July 4th.
I expect his definition of ‘starting a civil war’ is something like ‘tweeting about what an  asshole Trump is,’ which I’m sure will happen.  After all, the 4th of July is a day, and that happens pretty much every day.
It puts me in mind, though, of all the end of the world pronouncements, which appear periodically, and of course everybody laughs at them, because the day after the prediction arrives, and what are you  going to do but laugh.  There’s also a bit of mystification at the mindset.  Not only are these people  predicting the end of the world, they are devoutly wishing for it.

In one sense, though, Alex Jones is correct.  Not  that there’s going to be a civil war where Democrats are out in the streets in massive numbers, shooting down their Republican neighbors,  besieging  their barbecues, taking their fireworks displays prisoner.  But there is kind of a cold Civil War going on in America.
Progressives,  and most people  with  a mindset born  in the modern world, see this as a war of words, a war of information, a cultural struggle if you will.  That’s part of the reason nobody  on  the left has been stockpiling weapons.
Just do the thought experiment, if you  will:  consider the people in  your life who own more than 10 guns.  You probably know a few.  You might even be related to a few.  Now, are those people Trump voters, or not?
Of course, there might be exceptions.  There could be some Sanders supporters, who believe strongly in a cleaner environment, ending private prisons, and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, who just happen to love going down to the range to shoot off their AR-15s, but they’re not the rule.
But, actual Civil War?  Nah.  Ain’t gonna happen.  And from July 5th onward, Alex Jones should be mocked mercilessly.

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