Inland Island

Apparently, the world is going through  a disastrous heat wave.  Deaths have been reported  in Canada, and the Northern Siberian Coast is having beach days, where the air temperature is well warm enough to hang out all day damned near naked on a towel,  even if  the Arctic waters are still a bit chilly.

Here in Prague, meanwhile, it has been  cool  and pleasant the last couple of  weeks.  Not even hot by  summertime standards.  Prague can  be like that.  It’s on planet Earth, but doesn’t always seem to be fully  participating.  Meteorologically, it is  mild even  by Czech standards, because it’s in a sheltered river valley, and the Czech climate  is moderate compared to a lot of  places  because we’ve got mountains  on every side.  Not huge ones, but enough that we don’t get tornadoes, much less hurricanes.  We don’t have  earthquakes and if there was  ever a volcano anywhere in the vicinity, it  has been  extinct for at least the length of human history.
So, I read about the  heat  wave, and I worry about the  fate of the world, catastrophic climate events, and what we’re going to do if we totally destroy the  atmosphere.  But not  too much.  It’s easy  to forget about that stuff here.

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