2nd Civil War, Day 2: Battle of Pruitt’s Run

Scott Pruitt, polluter at large, Trump’s Secretary of the  Interior, and existential threat  to life  on Earth,  has  resigned.  It won’t exactly leave a gap that needs to be filled.  His job, I’m sure, was to destroy  the environment just as much as he could, but I’m  sure Trump will find somebody just  as cartoon villainish to take his place.
So, let us not think of it as  a bump  in the road.  Let’s think of it as the opposite  of  a bump in the road.  For a couple  days,  maybe  a couple  of  weeks, things  may trundle along quite  smoothly  without to  much  more egregious, environmental wrecking  moves.
What really cracked me up was the wanker’s resignation letter.
He said he and his family have  been attacked.  I suspect he’s referring  to this: woman-confronts-embattled-epa-chief-scott-pruitt-at-a-washington-restaurant

As far as political protest goes, it  was  pretty mild.   Your average stand-up comic has to deal  with worse heckling.  She  just listed a set of  grievances, and it was all in a very calm, measured  tone and she occasionally looked at her list.  But, it was a long list, and it was an  accurate list.
When I heard that Pruitt  had resigned, I  thought  of this video  and thought  it was a funny  coincidence.  Then  I  saw his resignation letter, and this was exactly it.  He can’t go out for lunch with  a friend (and  accept huge bags of  cash under the table) if there’s going to be people reminding him how much he sucks and how much better the human race, and even planet Earth, would be without him, everywhere he  goes.
So, keep it up, brave soldiers of the Second Civil  War.  We achieved victory in the Battle of  Pruitt’s Run, but this could  go  on for a  long  time.

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