What Next?

The boys are out of the cave, all safe and sound, and it was a heroic effort on  the part of all involved.  All the questions of shoulda done this and shoulda done that are washed away in view of the fact that it’s over and it had a happy ending.  One diver  did die, and that is tragic.  I hope  they name the cave after him.
My big question is ‘what is the press going to focus on now?’  France beat Belgium in  the world cup  semi-final, but that is only of interest to football fans, and mostly those who  are fans of France or Belgium.

A lot of people find it ironic (maybe this is the Alanis Morrissette definition of the word, but that is the common, if not necessarily the correct, meaning) that everybody has been so focused on the boys in the cave that it has taken attention off the thousand or so children in immigrant detention centers, away from their parents, some of them not  even old enough to talk.  That is a good point and the situation is certainly not resolved yet.
Of course, they could talk about the new Supreme Court nominee, but what is there to say?  We know he’s a horrible right winger, that he doesn’t think a sitting president can be indicted (now, wouldn’t that be convenient), that he fully intends to vote against abortion first chance he gets, that the left will oppose him, the Republicans will support him, and the Democrats will make a token show of resistance, and then fold.
They could talk about the ongoing problem of police who see the people as their enemy, the near inevitability of the next school shooting and how common sense gun legislation might prevent it, or the unethical business practices of Nestle, or Amazon, or others.  They could talk about the floods in Japan, or the unnatural heat wave which is hitting a lot of the world right now.  But, they probably won’t.  Not with the same breathless, non-stop coverage the boys in the cave got.
I understand.  That was really compelling television.  But, fortunately, it was a story with an ending.  The real pain of the world goes on and on and on.  No damned wonder nobody wants to talk about it.

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