Film Night

Because Sam had shitty grades in biology, chemistry, physics and math, my summer educational plan has been to only allow him to download films that have a connection to biology, chemistry, physics and/or math.  I’m going to stick it out through the summer, at least, because I’m stubborn that way, but it’s not proving to be very effective.

We’ve watched a couple, but the problem is that any film I  recommend he is automatically against, and he’s really stretching the definitions (We watched ‘Everest’ because, of course, you have to take physics into account while climbing mountains.)  Tonight, we watched ‘The Martian,’ which I consider a great movie, but we had to wait until after the football to start it (Congratulations to Croatia!), and then he kept saying ‘can I just go to bed now?’ even though I know damned well if we were watching some stupid thing with Liam Neeson chasing bad guys around Paris, he’d be perfectly happy to stay awake.  So, we eventually did stop the film  and I’ll force him to watch the end of it later, but instead of sparking his interest in science, it’s making movie-watching into a chore.

I will hone the technique as I go, but if I wasn’t making him watch films he doesn’t want to watch (which he just doesn’t want to watch because he knows I  want him to watch them), he’d just be in his room, scrolling through his phone for messages and not reading books, which I also find frustrating.

Kids.  What can you do?

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