The Role of Higher Consciousness in Real Life

True to my hippie roots,  I do have plenty of new age thinkers among my Facebook friends.  Now, some of it I’m  down with, some of it I’m not.  I’m ready to keep an open mind on all herbal  and folk  remedies, but I’m certainly not an anti-vaxxer.  I don’t mind talking about the zodiac as long as nobody takes it  too seriously, and I’m kind of into Tarot.  So, it’s a mixed bag.
But, one post that was posted  today  was such an exercise in empty reasoning, such a complete rejection of  common  sense, that I  had to respond.
The gist of it was that  we needed to  rise above the left-right, Republican-Democrat paradigm and realize that the universe is  all  in our minds and so, we should all strive  to  reach a higher consciousness and our worries will  disappear quicker than morning mist on a hot July morning when there aren’t any clouds in the  sky.
Which struck me as rather nonsensical.  ‘The universe is what we perceive the universe to be’ is a nice philosophical sounding thought, worthy of Kahlil Gibran or Paolo Coelho, but it is not true.  If you are hit over the head with a  shovel, it is going to hurt and no amount of meditation is going to change that.  As long as there are things, things matter.

Higher consciousness is great, and I’m all for trying to achieve it (if I ever get there, I’ll let you know) but the lower consciousness doesn’t stop existing. In fact, it is important to existence, because the lower consciousness is the consciousness which keeps us from stepping in front of a bus.

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