Putin’s Poodle

Whether or not there has been ‘hacking’ and ‘collusion,’ it’s pretty obvious Putin has Trump by the short and curlies. I put ‘hacking’ and ‘collusion’ in quotes because I think there was more ‘leaking’ and ‘Seth Rich.’

Nonetheless, in Trump’s time on the Helsinki stage, he very much did come across as Putin’s puppet.   It was noticeable in the body language, and plenty of  people noticed it.  It was in his tone.  After acting like a complete jackass in the NATO meeting and in England, he’s suddenly deferential as crazy.  And, of course, it was in what he said.

So, the question is why.  Why would the leader of the ‘most powerful’ country on Earth act like that?

I see two possibilities.  One is that the infamous pee tape actually exists.  Although his supporters  forgive him for marrying a stripper, for going through multiple wives, for cheating on all of  them, but  some of  them  might just draw  the line at paying hookers  to pee on a hotel bed.  Oh, they’d watch.  They’d watch again and again. But, it might cost him a bit of support.  He can laugh off corruption, he can appoint horrible people, he can appear weak in front of a foreign leader, but that  might hurt him a bit.

Theory #2 is that it has to  do with Trumps finances.  Some even say that it goes  back to  the  late 80s, when he was bankrupt and they bailed him out, and he’s been their poodle ever since. It’s possible.  I  actually find it  more likely  than the  pee tape.  There’s one quick way to find  out.

Somebody (and by somebody I mean Robert Mueller) needs to look  at his  taxes and financial records.  The truth  is out there.

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